Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Text Enhance Ads removal – get rid of the annoying contextual redirects

Text Enhance Ads \ popups are designed to underline and mark with green coloration particular words on websites you are browsing through, even on the pages you own. It is an advertising method based on contextual links to websites it sponsors inserted immediately into websites you are interested in.
The technology is powered by program installed on your computer system. The installation is typically completed in such a way that user wonders how it has managed to happen. From the legal point of view, there is no violation of user’s right to learn info on the products loaded as the instillation is mentioned in some agreement, found by user too long for thorough investigation. That is, the instillation happens as a declared addition to some freeware.
However, users do not need to put up with the adware and, if feel abused, are free to get rid of Text Enhance Ads.
In the meantime, freedom of their choice is affected by tricks of the program, which is, in spite of the attempts of its controllers to make an appearance of observing fair play rules, classified as malware by IT security experts, chiefly because of its tricks aimed to prevent uninstalling.
Important to note that the malware is stored outside browser. It thus affects all browsers as at once. In general, it is possible to remove Text Enhance Ads by changing browser settings, but the infection outside the web-navigation software will sooner or later restore the browser settings. Hence the green coloration and double-underlining textual ads are getting on your nerves again and again, until after you completely eradicate the malware.
Deletion of Text Enhance Ads malware and other parasites as detected by free scanner is available here.

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STOPzilla did not remove it for me