Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remove Fake Google Antivirus that pretends to block your access to Google services due to unusual traffic allegedly detected

Fake Google Antivirus is a request generated by browser hijacker. Since the antivirus is a fake, its referring to Google systems that allegedly have detected unusual traffic from your computer is an obvious fraud. Further on, the call for installing so called antivirus software contains a misspelling or error in the following sentence:
“Please check you(sic!) PC on viruses”,
that suggests there are some dilatants behind the message scaring you into loading a virus claiming it to be a tool associated with some bizarre Google systems. The scary alert further states that failure to download the antivirus ‘will block your access to Google services’.
Get rid of Fake Google Antivirus or hijacker that burdens you with the aggressive advice. Click here to start Fake Google Antivirus removal – free scan solution.

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