Thursday, May 3, 2012

Removal of Win64/Sirefef.G – smart solution for smart trojan

Win64/Sirefef.G (Win32/Sirefef.G) is a trojan. It typically comes bundles with the same family rootkit.
While the former deals with user’s webs-searches, the latter makes its best to keep the former out of reach of major antimalware solutions.
Remarkably, the bundle a as efficient as to get installed on a computer system protected by a security suite, disable the incompetent antimalware or block its processes related to the memory locations and processes containing the malwares, or spawned by their orders.
To get rid of Win64/Sirefef.G , you need to apply a due quality antimalware or advanced manual extermination method. Remove Win64/Sirefef.G and other tricky residents of your PC following the free scan link

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