Friday, February 27, 2009 hijacker removla instructions

There are ad banners and pop-ups at a quantity of websites adverting fake security tool by redirecting webs-surfing to If you have ever browsed through adult and simply unreliable websites, you are likely to meet such ads and thus be redirected to aggressive online scanner of the fake security tool. Such security tools should never be trusted and are extremely dangerous. Another way to visit the fake online scanner at is to be redirected with trojan. Unless you remove trojan, the fake online scanner will be regularly downloaded by your browser. In any case, where you have ever seen website, it is likely that there infections to remove at your PC. Click here to start free scan and get rid of infections (malware or trojan). screenhots: automatical remover:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Threat Nuker (ThreatNuker) Removal Instructions

Threat Nuker (ThreatNuker) is a rogue security application. A Trojan that promotes this fake anti-malware program displays fake alerts, irritating pop-ups, stating that your PC is infected with some sort of malware. This is the common practice for all type of online scam, which is providing with the aim of scaring you into purchasing Threat Nuker software. It uses fake virus online scanner as well. Be sure that after buying a full version of Threat Nuker you will not get rid of any viruses and after some time fake messages and pop-ups will spring up again. Download Spyware Doctor with antivirus to remove nasty Threat Nuker malware.

Threat Nuker screenshot:

Threat Nuker automatical remover:
Threat Nuker manual removal guide:
Delete Threat Nuker files:

Delete Threat Nuker registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “Threat Nuker”

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get rid of threats is just another website pushing advanced antivirus pro fake security tool. If you have ever visited it, there is a good chance to catch the smitfraud of advanced antivirus pro that will be bothering you until you remove it. At the same time, there trojans aimed to redirect surfing of infected computers to In any case, if your browser has ever downloaded such fake online scanners as, do not download the program promoted and check your computer for malware and trojans. Click here to start free scan in order to detect and remove threats (using Spyware Doctor + antivirus). screenshot: removal tool:

Monday, February 23, 2009 hijacker removal tool

XP Police Antivirus evilware can help to get rid of… webpage According to the majority of users’ complaints, users are usually infected with XP Police Antivirus evilware after they have been redirected to the website stating they are infected with very that website and XP Police Antivirus can help. They are normally duped with popping up alerts that cannot be closed until you leave the website. If you have ever visited websites like, especially at the extended address where the misleading page with popups hosted, it is likely that you are infected with trojans and or malware of Click here to make sure there are no infections on your PC or to get rid of infections as appropriate. screenshots: automatical remover:

WinCleaner 2009 (Win Cleaner 2009) - remove dangerous rogue

WinCleaner 2009 (Win Cleaner 2009) is a rogue anti-spyware program, a clone of widely spread Win Antivirus Vista/XP and ASC-AntiSpyware. The Trojan, which promotes this program, displays fake alerts stating that your PC being infected with some soft of malware. Once the program is installed on your computer, it will scan it and make a fake list of infections that cannot be removed unless you first purchase the program. It should be mentioned here that on the whole such rogue programs make a list full of infected files, while WinCleaner 2009 include into list mostly legitimate Windows programs. In any case, you should be warned against downloading of WinCleaner 2009 as there are no any infections on your PC. Download Spyware Doctor+antivirus to get rid of this parasite.

WinCleaner 2009 screenshot:

WinCleaner 2009 automatical remover:
WinCleaner 2009 manual removal guide:
Delete WinCleaner 2009 files:
Win Cleaner.lnk

Delete WinCleaner 2009 registry entries:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Scan with ASC-AntiSpywareHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\
CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{2F3D01F3-2A8E-4814-AA0F-8315172D22BF}

Sunday, February 22, 2009 removal guide is a browser hijacker that use trojan horse (Zlob or Vundo) to redirect to and show fake security scans informing users that their computers are seriously infected. The only way to fix the problems is to download and than buy Antivirus 360 or Antivirus 2009 rogue security applications. may dramatically slow your PC and cause system errors. We recommend to remove hijacker using automatical remover (Spyware Doctor with antivirus) screenshots: automatical remover:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get rid of PricvacyGuard Pro 2.0 to protect your brain from the ad-flooding

Another concoction of Russian hackers, PricvacyGuard Pro 2.0 is being actively adverted through pop-ups ad banners. This program has professionally-looking websites and applies primarily cogitative advertisement, describing various cases that may happen unless you protect your privacy with PricvacyGuard Pro 2.0. Like a typical fraudsmit, PricvacyGuard Pro 2.0 may be installed with trojan without user’s consent. The program, also without asking for user’s approval, may pretend to scan computer for privacy risks. In the reality, though, there is no investigation. The program just plays the animated picture that we do not know to vary a bit from case to case, and that movie tells users how many things that may compromise them have been found and how good is to pay once and get the problem with the privacy resolved once and for all. Unfortunately, many users have trusted in the trickery and have paid, but neither have they got privacy protected nor computer free of alerts by PricvacyGuard Pro 2.0, which nearly in two weeks or even earlier starts another campaign asking users to pay for updates. Remove PricvacyGuard Pro 2.0, because this program hardly oppresses infected computer and its activities result in frequent freezes and may ends up with system crush. Click here to start free scan as a beginning of PricvacyGuard Pro 2.0 removal campaign (using Spyware Doctor with antivirus).

PricvacyGuard Pro screenshot:

PricvacyGuard Pro automatical remover:

Thursday, February 19, 2009 - Removal Instructions is the typical Antivirus 360 fake scan page. It generates fake security warnings to trick you into downloading and buying full version of Antivirus 360 (or Antivirus 2009) rogue anti-spyware. may slow your computer and disable some Windows features. We recommend to remove it using Spyware Doctor with antivirus. screenshots: automatical remover:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get rid of MalwareDoc (Malware Doc) promptly for this program promptly destroys your Windows

Rascals who have created MalwareDoc (Malware Doc) may be proud of their creature if their intention was to develop a perfect computer devastator. Of course, it is understood that the rascals’ main aim is to get a profit through the trading with this fake antispyware. Unfortunately, they are getting some, no matter that MalwareDoc in some cases completely destroys operating system and damages gigabytes of data in only few days. Once the trial version of this rogue has been installed through various trickery, especially with trojan, you have extremely little time to remove MalwareDoc, otherwise you are under the extremely high risk of system crush and data damaging. On the background of system deprecation and data affection, MalwareDoc runs its free fake scan-show stating there are dozens of infections found. What is awful, those users, who deemed true the scan and alert of MalwareDoc and purchased its full version, have not prevented the Windows crush as MalwareDoc is unstoppable for there is no scheme in this malware to stop itself in doing harm. Fortunately, early MalwareDoc removal is a working remedy and there is a tool we dare recommend as it has been tested and shown its capability to remove MalwareDoc. You may reasonably ask why SpywareDoctor is not a fake tool like MalwareDoc. Please, ask Google or Wiki what is SpywareDoctor to realize that this is a legitimate antispyware with best references. Click here to start free scan and remove MalwareDoc.

MalwareDoc screenshot:

MalwareDoc automatical remover:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anti-Virus-1 keeps the trend of malware referring to the Microsoft approval

Anti-Virus-1 or Antivirus 1 very slightly differs from Antivirus 2010. If to disregard the different names of these programs, they are just the same. They are even adverted at same websites through the fake online scanners. It is crucial to remove Anti-Virus-1 upon detection, for this program disorders Windows Downloader so that users cannot get the remedy afterwards. Anti-Virus-1 configures Windows to start Anti-Virus-1 program before any other programs. Thus, Anti-Virus-1 scans computer and lists a variety of imaginary names that have no relation to real threats at the computer where it has been installed. The effect on user is strengthened with alerts stating there is a number of infections to be removed by Anti-Virus-1 and that Microsoft approves this program and strongly recommends registering it. Of course, any legally acting software development company would never approve even the most useful product installed through the use of trojans and fake online scanners. Click here to get rid of Anti-Virus-1 using Spyware Doctor with antivirus.

Anti-Virus-1 screenshot:

Anti-Virus-1 automatical remover:

Monday, February 16, 2009 - latest hijacker. Removal tool main page is entitled “Anti-virus1 – official website”. However, this website is now involved into the schemes of another program advertising. The name of this rogue is Antivirus 2010 or Antivirus1. No matter what malware program has infected your computer from this website, remove infections as they are always annoying and slow down computer consuming enormous number of system resources. Antivirus 2010 fake scan with misleading results is performed at the pages hosted at If you your browser downloads online scan powered by Antivirus 2010, it may be trojan that has led your browser to fake scanner at The side-effects of trojan activity are deletion of files stored at the computer concerned and facilitation of other rogue programs installation. Consequentially, if you browser has any relation to Antivirus 2010 websites, there may be lost of corrupt programs in your computer. Click here to detect them all for free and get rid of infections (using Spyware Doctor with antivirus). screenshots: automatical remover:

Privacy Protection Suite (PrivacyProtection Suite) Remover

Just like the fair programs, malicious tools vary by the field of protection: there are pure antivirus, antivirus+antispyware, pure antispyware, privacy protector and registry cleaner. The categories are listed in the order of their popularity. Consequentially, the most popular category is a pure antivirus, the most unpopular is a registry cleaner. Privacy Protection Suite represents the No.4 category, a privacy protector. Though Privacy Protection Suite differs from fake antivirus and antispyware in the features declared, it is for unknown reasons adverted through the fake virus and spyware online scanners. Once you have been redirected to the websites promoting this application, you nay need to remove Privacy Protection Suite trojan or trialware, no matter some experts have stated that Privacy Protection Suite is to be installed manually. Regarding the manual installation, such option is available, but it is unlikely that the number of machines with Privacy Protection Suite installed would be that big, if shadowed installations were not be a common practice. Remove Privacy Protection Suite, since this application is not going to run quietly and perform the scans on demand only. Quite in contrary, Privacy Protection Suite slows computer down repeating its misleading scan and alerts with increasing frequency. The purchase in not a solution as the malware is insatiable and will soon ask to buy updates in same annoying way. In addition, cases have been reported when Privacy Protection Suite activities made user to reinstall OS. Click here to start free scan and get rid of Privacy Protection Suite.

Privacy Protection Suite screenshot:

Privacy Protection Suite automatical remover:
Privacy Protection Suite manual removal guide:
Delete Privacy Protection Suite files:
Privacy Protection Suite.lnk
Privacy Protection Suite 2.1
Privacy Protection Suite.lnk
Uninstall Privacy Protection Suite.lnk

Delete Privacy Protection Suite registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Privacy Protection Suite, Inc.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Privacy Protection Suite, Inc.\
Privacy Protection Suite

Sunday, February 15, 2009 Removal Information is the latest Antivirus 2009 - Antivirus 360 browser hijacker. It use trojan horses to hijack your homepage and redirect you to fake spyware scan pages (see screenshots). may slow your computer and display annoying popups. We recommend to remove parasite using Spyware Doctor with antivirus. screenshots: automatical remover:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hackers are going to save Amazonian forests with Green Antivirus 2009 malware

Promoters of Green Antivirus 2009 (GreenAntivirus 2009) attempts to convince those who really care about environmental problems to buy this malware stating that two dollars of each deal will be donated to the campaign for saving Amazonian green forests. It is hard to check whether it is true, but what is beyond any doubt is a malicious nature of Green Antivirus 2009. Remove Green Antivirus 2009 and donate to reliable environmental funds if you really would like to help in saving green forests, as buying Green Antivirus 2009you would rather donate to the hackers’ pool and facilitate development of other fake PC security tools.
Green Antivirus 2009 is installed as a trial version without requesting user’s agreement and through the trickery with popup and trojans. There is an option of manual download from a number of Green Antivirus 2009 websites. The program scans computer afterwards, though the term scan is rather inapplicable in this case. The window pretending to represent the scan progress is an animated picture. There are only few variations detected currently that can be played, but it is quite easy to create and embed another one into the program. To see this scan each time Windows has been started is quite annoying thing, but this is far not the main reason to get rid of Green Antivirus 2009. The program conflicts with Window and disorders it as hard as to the collapse sooner or later. Since it is quite dangerous to remove Green Antivirus 2009 unprofessionally, click here to start free computer scan in order to remove Green Antivirus 2009 and another threats applying Spyware Doctor with antivirus.

Green Antivirus 2009 screenshot:

Green Antivirus 2009 automatical remover:

Remove hijacker

My computer Online Scan is a typical fake online scanner. This post is to inform you of new address hosting this scanner, The page pretends to look like My computer folder. 7 trojans and 103 trojans in My Documents and My Computer respectively are found no matter at what computer and address the so called scan is run. If visited or similar tricky scan pages, you may have been infected and need to remove threats, let us use this name to designate all infections which can infect your computer from My computer Online Scan pages. Click here to scan computer for free in order to get rid of infections (using Spyware Doctor with antivirus). hijacker screenshot: automatical remover:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SmitfraudFixTool is a … smitfraud: get rid of Smitfraud Fix Tool

SmitFraud is a term that designates rogue programs category that covers programs installed through various trickeries like fake codec request or embedding infection to the free for download data of a rogue program. Smitfraud Fix Tool (SmitfraudFixTool) is just another program that may be categorized as SmitFraud pretending to be Smitfraud removal tool. You need to remove Smitfraud Fix Tool if you would remove a SmitFraud. Failure to get rid of Smitfraud Fix Tool would not let you control your computer and is extremely bothering as SmitFraud is also to be categorized as extremely annoying adware. SmitFraud Fix Tool demands you to pay for its registration in order that the “threats” it has discovered can be removed. Those “threats” are imaginary, because SmitFraud Fix Tool simply does not contain any scanner able at least to read the names of file at the computer. Click here to start free scan and remove Smitfraud Fix Tool like any other malware (using Spyware Doctor+antivirus).

Smitfraud Fix Tool screenshot:

Smitfraud Fix Tool automatical remover: