Monday, December 26, 2011

Remove Trojan Horse Agent3.ATLI and the infection it has successfully guided into your PC

Trojan Horse Agent3.ATLI has gained notoriety as a detection that the detector fails to delete on regular basis. In the meantime, the rogue induces a number of annoying effects, namely system freezes followed by Blue Screen of Death or simply black screen without any information on the reasons of sudden shutdown.
The infection makes its way into computers by means of alluring users with promising content downloads or suggest downloads posed as routine updates such as codec for viewing advanced video format.
Removal of Trojan Horse Agent3.ATLI is especially complex when the problem goes along with rootkit. Such situation can be observed surprisingly often.
As the name of threat clearly suggests, it is an agent. True, in the wild, once it is itself introduced into targeted PC, the trojan perform download and installation of other infections.
To get rid of Trojan Horse Agent3.ATLI and the threats it has dropped as instructed in its payload, follow the free scan link.

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