Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remove Trojan.Happili that imposes on you its annoying search engines

Trojan.Happili (Trojan.Happili.XGen) is often loaded as a program for generating extra emoticons for various instant messenger. However, that is but one of the ways for the malware to disguise itself. Plenty of deviations exist.
Regardless of peculiarities of the situation that has brought the malware into your PC, removal of Trojan.Happili is meant to put an end to its annoying redirects. The redirects lead to fake Google counterparts, first of all, The above website currently pretends to help you making “comparison shopping”. In the wild, users suffer of Google search results blocks leading to the above page.
Remove Trojan.Happili to experience the web the way you like – use free scanner available here to detect and eradicate the annoying browser helper object.

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