Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Remove Vuze toolbar and related Ask search redirect

Vuze toolbar is not actually a virus.It is a browser extension that may wind up into your OS as you are failing to untick some box with a request to get the toolbar installed while viewing freeware installation agreement. Such a way of installation is not basically unfair, but many find it tricky as there is actually an attempt to benefit on people’s distraction.
A flawed version of the add-on might be based on a file lurking in a computer memory. Removal of Vuze toolbar would thus require an assistance of professional security solution.
The issue is often associated with Ask toolbar. The unwanted extension might be listed in Add/Remove Programs in Windows Control Panel as Ask search helper.
In the meantime, the browser might be extended with one of the above add-ons, or both of them are present at once.
The most annoying thing for users is that the toolbar goes along with changing search preferences, namely setting or similar url for default search page.
Get rid of Vuze toolbar and other half-legal and definitely hazardous residents of your PC running free scan available here.

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