Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Remove Rogue:Win32/Winwebsec – genuine antivirus to exterminate the counterfeit and the malware it drops

Rogue:Win32/Winwebsec applies to a number of counterfeits including the following notorious names: System Security 2012, Security Sphere2012, WinwebSecurity (the name is used as a designator in the course of detection), Smart Fortress 2012.
The application pretends to recognize mischievous programs and scares users into believing they need to exterminate the threats it has supposedly disclosed. It also generates a set of popups of perfect resemblance to genuine Windows Security Center.
Worm:Win32/Swimnag, Worm:Win32/Koobface and other parasites might be uploaded by the above rogue. Therefore it is strongly recommended that removal of Rogue:Win32/Winwebsec is made upon comprehensive system inspection.
Click here to get rid of Rogue:Win32/Winwebsec and the malware it probably has already dropped, as well as other real threats detected by true security solution capable of providing thorough memory scan.

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