Monday, May 14, 2012

Remove W32.Xpaj without damaging useful exe, scr, sys files infected

W32.Xpaj attaches its malicious scripts to files of various extensions, primarily exe, sys, scr. As you probably know, the files of above types serve as a core component for software products and system utilities of vital importance. Therefore removal of W32.Xpaj, where possible, needs to be made as a disinfection of a compromised entry, or else important software products or system utilities could be damaged.
By prevailing method of propagation the threat is as a worm as it crawls from PC to PC dropping its copies with installer into removable and shared drives (pendrives etc.). It easily infects local network computers upon arriving on just one of them from outside the local net.
Click here to get rid of W32.Xpaj malware and prevent its further multiplication; the suggested free scan based cleanup is an ideal solution to disinfect files compromised by the worm without damaging them.

W32.Xpaj variants:

W32.Xpaj.B (Boot.Xpaj.B)

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