Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remove Tatanga Trojan, aka Tatanga Trojan, a banking malware stealing money immediately during your banking sessions

Tatanga Trojan (TSPY_PINCAV.GEK) is originally a computer infection that targets banking credentials stored on logon files of web-browser installed on affected PC. That was an initial classification, which was amended upon malware researches cracking a command and control server that was managing the rogue.
The results proved the malware was not only aimed to collect banking data. It collected every sort of passwords and other information generated in the course of web-surfing. The data collected by malware had enormous size, yet its copies usually succeeded in transferring the data in full to their relevant remote server.
As regards banking related payload, please baware the malware can intervene into user’s current banking session so that money are sent to dummy receivers (mules) directly. In the meantime, the program excels in retrieving information stored in the locations one believes to be hidden so that, if you keep your passwords in some data file, there is great risk that the spyware manages to find this data and expose it to the hackers.
Removal of Tatanga Trojan (TSPY_PINCAV.GEK), on any, especially late stage, needs to be combined with contacting your banking provider to notify of your possible credit card compromising. To get rid of Tatanga Trojan itself, please activate the free scan link.

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