Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to remove fake Torrent Alert that refers to inexistent illegal downloads and suggests anonymous connection it cannot actually provide

Torrent Alert is a popup that wants you to acquire so called anonymous connection. It provides a rationale related saying that as you have received the notification on Torrent link detected you have broken the copyright law and may end up in the Court as a person on trial.
However, you only need activating anonymous data transfer protocol, according to the popup, in order to exclude the risk of being prosecuted by any authorities.
The message is a pure lie. Here is that message:
Torrent Alert
Recomended: Please use secure encryption protocol for torrent links.
Torrent link detected!
Receiving this notification means that you have violated the copyright laws. Using Torrent for downloading movies and licensed software shall be prosecuted and you may be sued for cybercrime and breach of law under SOPA legislation.
Please register your copy of the AV to activate anonymous data transfer protocol through torrent link.
Get Anonymous connection
Remove Torrent Alert as a part of larger adware. If you have seen so far only this alert, soon expect a flood of popups. The only way to alter the scenario is to get free scanner available here downloaded into your PC so that it could complete removal of Torrent Alert to a T – that is, detect and exterminate every component of the related parasite.

screenshot from 2-viruses

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