Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to remove HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen malware?

Unless you get rid of HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen, two scenarios are possible. Actually, it should be clarified that the infection is a real threat, but its name has been intensively utilized in fake security tools alerts. That is, one of the two scenarios is not actually related to the infection as such, but the adware misleadingly naming this html infection is implied.
Thus there are two scenarios:
1.    Where we are dealing with a real infection, it disorders web-browser of infected PC and online forums, websites and blogs adminstrated from such machine. That is, failure to get rid of HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen means online pages administrated from your PC are continuously corrupted, as well as your browser, and you cannot eventually fix the damage until removing HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen.
2.    Where we are dealing with misleading popup, the adware will keep on bothering you with deceptive infection reports until removed.
In any case, click here to launch free scan and detect and remove any html and other infections.

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