Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get rid of PSW.Agent.AUET and ensure online passwords are strong and private to you

PSW.Agent.AUET is a top threat. Its original detector claims to detect the malware, in most of the cases, before its entering your computer. That is, it monitors files in the course of their loading onto the PC. That needs to tell potentially malicious entries from harmless content promptly and decide on blocking instantly.
The detection applies to files aimed at stealing passwords and confidential info on your PC. If such entries succeed in executing their payload, removal of PSW.Agent.AUET should be combined with changing online passwords.
Click here to let free scanner run and remove PSW.Agent.AUET by cleaning all the results from the list of threats produced. The suggested method offers significantly lower rate of false positives compared to the original routine without decreasing detection speed. 

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