Friday, May 25, 2012

Get rid of PUP.BundleInstaller.OI in evry copy that exists on your PC and together with its dropper.

PUP.BundleInstaller.OI is a potentially unwanted program; it is extremely tricky and bewilders security solution as after reporting its successful extermination on user’s request from quarantine the users soon can observe it in the vault again.
The infection is associated with missing file error reports and attempts to install system defragmenter onto computer system in order to enhance its performance and prevent data losses.
Removal of PUP.BundleInstaller.OI implies extermination of every copy of it, as well as detection and deletion of its installer. Please do not try disabling System Restore: if you believe the infection survives the extermination in restore points, that is not the case.
Free scanner available here will remove PUP.BundleInstaller.OI and system errors related, as well as exterminate malwares associated with the scamware so that the deletion would provide ultimate cleanup.

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