Monday, December 29, 2008

Fake online scanner is the easiest way to get a malware problem is another website that aggressively promotes SystemSecurity malware. Once redirected to this website, there is likely to be a hijacker which is a sort of trojan, at your PC. Avoid visiting and remove SystemSecurity if it has by chance or according to your will started to reside at your PC. It is also important to remove hijacker as it permanently interferes with your browser in its activity. Follow the link below to start free threats identification and get rid of using Spyware Doctor with antivirus. screenshot: removal tool:

Spyware Protect 2009 (SpywareProtect 2009) Removal Help

Spyware Protect 2009 (SpywareProtect 2009) creates extremely noisy environment at the computer once its trialware has been installed. This makes user either to buy it as it prompts either to find the remedy to remove Spyware Protect 2009. The very worst option is removal of Spyware Protect 2009 from Program List and incorrect manual removal. If you care of your system and data safety and stability, use professional tool to get rid of Spyware Protect 2009. According to its type, Spyware Protect 2009 is fake spyware remover that has close relations with trojans and viruses. In particular, Vundo type trojans are widely applied to the purpose of installation of trial of Spyware Protect 2009. Right after installation, the rogue application attempts to launch program window and starts showing standard alerts, often with sounds like old phone bells. Follow the link below to remove Spyware Protect 2009 and any related / unrelated dirt using Spyware Doctor.

Spyware Protect 2009 screenshots:

Spyware Protect 2009 automatical remover:
Spyware Protect 2009 manual removal guide:
Delete Spyware Protect 2009 files:
Spyware Protect 2009.lnk
Uninstall Spyware Protect 2009.lnk
Delete Spyware Protect 2009 registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Spyware Protect 2009

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Antivirus 2009 hosted at is another website registered in Russia that offers Antivirus2009 fake antivirus for download. The Internet browser is usually hijacked by this web-site through vundo.trojan. Follow the link below to start free scan using Spyware Doctor with antivirus and remove hijacker which is usually Vundo.modification, if infected. screenshots: automatical remover:

Antivirus 2009 Pro (Antivirus2009Pro) removal from Program List changes smaller problem for bigger

This malware item would not be stopped after Antivirus 2009 Pro (Antivirus2009Pro) removal from the Program List. Quite in contrary, that would unleash the hidden power of this malware to make users see that it was not right to remove Antivirus 2009 Pro. It is not right indeed to get rid of Antivirus 2009 Pro in such a way that does not provide its complete destruction and vanishing. These are dll files of Antivirus 2009 Pro that create slow computer problem, make applications to suddenly shut down without creating backup copy if there has been any data input. The rogue is usually detected by its repeating scan and popping up alerts. If there is any sign or you suspect this malware to act at your PC, do not hesitate clicking the link below to get rid of Antivirus 2009 Pro. Since Antivirus 2009 Pro is usually installed with trojan, Antivirus 2009 Pro removal by the tool recommended (SpywareDoctor with antivirus) covers removal of viruses and trojans, and, in general, any kind of threats.

Antivirus 2009 Pro screenshots:

Antivirus 2009 Pro automatical remover (free scan):

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Malware of Astrum Antivirus Pro has no shame to say white is black

There are totally harmless, legitimate and even crucial for some programs and Windows (!) files declared viruses according to the results of scan by Astrum Antivirus Pro. Remove Astrum Antivirus Pro instead of removing them if this program has been scaring you with its scan or you have discovered its presence by other signs. Astrum Antivirus Pro is a rogue that has AntivirusTrigger for parental program and is likely to become its substitute. Astrum Antivirus Pro removal is needed also to the purpose of Windows security and performance maintenance. Download Spyware Doctor with antivirus and start free scan targeting Astrum Antivirus Pro removal.

Astrum Antivirus Pro snapshot:

Astrum Antivirus Pro automatical removal tool:

Astrum Antivirus Pro manual removal instructions:
Delete Astrum Antivirus Pro files:

Astrum Antivirus Pro 3.6.lnk

Delete Astrum Antivirus Pro registry entries:

\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Astrumsoft

Thursday, December 25, 2008 with Antivirus 2009 malware and trojan as engine is a tool for malware propagation. This website aggressively promotes Antivirus 2009, which is just another fake antivirus with dangerous behaviour. Where you have ever visited websites like, it is necessary to check your computer for presence of trojan at trojans usually need to be installed onto the computer for redirection of browsing to Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove threats if any detected after free scan. screenshot: automatical remover:

Remove System Security malware - SystemSecurity Remover

System Security or SystemSecurity is a program with very promising name that pretends to be an antivirus solution being just a heap of files useless for any virus detection and removal. However, if only the promises would have failed to fulfill it would not be a big deal. The real problem is that you need to remove System Security while System Security removal may be complicated. Normal reason for a user to get rid of System Security is its annoying style of operating. Lots of users are warned of malware and are in hurry to uninstall and delete such programs as System Security from Program List in a common way. This helps only for a while. Such disablement and deletion of SystemSecurity activates dormant dll files and trojan that harm Windows by capturing the memory and blocking features of various programs. One of the worst things that may happen is disablement of installation feature. This makes impossible the installation of any tool to remove System Security, unless alternate computer is available to install SystemSecurity removal solution.
So do not hesitate and follow the link below to remove SystemSecurity using Spyware Doctor with antivirus immediately. If cannot proceed with installation, try to find another computer and install the program recommended onto it, then attach your infected hard disk to that curing computer and scan it. After removing files of SystemSecurity from your infected disk at alternate computer you should be able to install the SystemSecurity removal tool at your computer too.

System Security screenshot:

System Security automatical remover:

System Security manual removal instructions:
Delete System Security files:

Delete System Security registry entries:
Run “System Security”

Tandem of and promotes Antivirus360 fake security tool. is a bridge to or direct rote to malware installation. This is a cunning scheme invented by hackers pushing malware of Antivirus360. Virus alert referring to Netsky.q is screened at the very beginning, then redirection is made to that scares users with false scan. Visiting these websites may lead to infection with malware and may be treated as a hint at trojan infection. Start scanning computer for free right now to remove threat (using Spyware Doctor + antivirus). Avoid visiting any address mentioned in this post. screenshots: automatical remover:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 and fake My Computer is the website entitled “My Computer”. It pretends to reflect the content of My Computer folder. However, there are always only two hard disks entitled C and D in the fake folder, if you have more disks or with other names it is easy to find out its is rude trickery.
One cannot leave this website unless Task Manager is applied or sponsored “security update” is downloaded (never download it as that is malware!). Repeating downloads of may require to remove hijacker that is a trojan making your browser to open It is to be noted that a single download of this website may also bring or disclose infection, so do not hesitate clicking the link below to ensure there are no trojans and malware at your PC and get rid of threat. screenshot: automatical remover:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 interesting website that provides evidence of conflict between malware issuers

Antivirus 2010 is undoubtedly one of the most noisy issue of malware in the year of 2008. is interesting website, though pretty dangerous and supported by trojans. Its popularity is the name, because Antivirus 2010 is the denomination of another and much newer piece of malware. As far as we know, Antivirus 2010 is a competitor for Antivirus 2009 in the malware business. Once you have visited, check whether infected and remove threat using the solution that has this and like this websites hijackers already listed in its database of threats. Follow the link below to download Spyware Doctor + antivirus and start free scan and get rid of threat. screenshot: automatical removal tool: manual removal guide:
Delete files:
Delete regsitry entries:
Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{FC8A493F-D236-4653-9A03-2BF4FD94F643}
CurrentVersion\Run “Windows Gamma Display”

Monday, December 22, 2008

Registered in Moscow promotes Antiviris 360 fake antivirus is another web-page promoting Antivirus 360 fake antivirus and may be downloaded by trojan. The website registrant is from Moscow. It may be necessary to remove hijacker as it may have been this hijacker that redirected your browsing to Follow the link below to download Spyware Doctor with antivirus start free scan and remove threats like hijacker and malware of Antiviris360, if any installed at your PC. screenshots: automatical removal tool:

VirusRemover2008 infection at

Remove VirusRemover2008 in case this badware is residing now at your PC. This program will not let you concentrate on your jobs. It is possible, however, to predict and avoid its installation. It may be also necessary to remove hijacker that is one of the sources of VirusRemover2008 infection and which is explained here. This hijacker redirects browsing to which is unsafe place and may either lure user to download malware or download malware secretly.
Start free scan and get rid of threats using Spyware Doctor with antivirus. screenshots: automatical remover:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Remove browser hijacker is a fake security web-site that promote Antivirus 360 or Antivirus 2009 fake security application. can slow your PC and cause system errors and slow PC perfomance. acts like legitimate online virus-scan web-site but in real this is aggressive and annoying hijacker. Download Spyware Doctor + antivirus to get rid of this nasty malware. web-site screenshot: automatical removal tool:

Thursday, December 18, 2008 scares with the scenes of hardcore is a part of web-rascals design to promote WebSpyShield, useless and harmful program that prompts user to pay for its registration or to install the payable version at once. A fact of being a visitor to hxxp:// at least one time usually mean to have hijacker-trojan that, beside redirecting browsing to malicious websites like this, disorders your system intentionally. Follow the link below to start free scan and remove hijacker using Spyware Doctor with antivirus. Malicious scripts of this website may facilitate installation of malware, too, so be informed that the tool you may download at the link below is also suitable for removal of related malware. screenshot: automatical remover:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Malware of PrivacyControl as a way to get permanent privacy problems

PrivacyControl or Privacy Control is another program that promises to optimize Windows performance, but does not keep the word and does nothing except reminding that updates available. The updates are also payable, and a user that has already paid for registration is supposed to be extremely happy to pay again, after this program has not optimized computer characteristics a bit. Quite in contrary, those who have installed PrivacyControl have claimed they would remove PrivacyControl no matter they accidentally had trusted it before. The routings of this problem stick out the trialware trickery. Saying “remove Privacy Control” we usually have in mind to remove PrivacyControl trialware. This trialware is usually installed by and after trojan and has the devices to disorder Windows hardly. That, in combination with alerts and program window screening, is very likely to be a good reason for a user to pay for this malware registration. Of course, this is a pre-planned trickery of hackers and, if you have been infected with PrivacyControl trial or have purchased its full version, remove PrivacyControl immediately and forget of this awful invention. Click the link below to start free malware and virus scan and get rid of Privacy Control using Spyware Doctor + antivirus.

PrivacyControl screenshot:

PrivacyControl automatical remover:

PrivacyControl manual removal guide:
Delete PrivacyControl files:

Delete PrivacyControl registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”PrivacyControl” = “%ProgramFiles%\PrivacyControl\PrivacyControl.exe -boot”

VirusProtector 2008 malware and trojan concerned

Trojan usually precedes the appearance of VirusProtector 2008. Moreover, it arranges its installation. The trickery may start with delivery of spam to user’s mailbox with the above trojan or the trojan may be easily cathead at various websites with weak protection or plainly unfair. Then the trojan takes over your browser in uninvited cooperation with user of infected machine; this makes the browser to pop-up alerts directly and indirectly promoting VirusProtector2008. So it goes. However, it may go in various ways, but it is like a rule that the second stage is trialware of VirusProtector 2008 installation. The trialware adjusts infected Windows to allow program window or scan window screening after system start-up. This is very annoying, all the more the windows screened may be hard-to-close and all these ads are accompanied with freezes and particular programs disabling.
Remove VirusProtector 2008 and trojan concerned, or get rid of VirusProtector 2008 trojan only if case is applicable. Start free scan using Spyware Doctor with antivirus as the beginning of VirusProtector 2008 removal campaign following the link below.

VirusProtector 2008 removal tool:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 as trojan-friendly website

Antivirus 360 is now propagated from website (don't even visit it!!!). Antivirus 360 is a program installed with participation of trojan that, in particular, hijacks web-browser and redirects downloads If this webpage was downloaded by your browser too, it is essential requirement to your safety that you remove related trojan. Download Spyware Doctor with antivirus to find trojans and other undesirable programs that have contaminated your PC and get rid of threat, i.e. eliminate relevant trojans and other rogue programs. screenshots: automatical remover:

Monday, December 15, 2008

How to remove “Warning. There are serious threats detected on your computer” popup with all its roots

It is important to remove “Warning. There are serious threats detected on your computer” popup. Needless to say, this pop-up that pretends to be generated by your own system is a fake alert. It is easy to recognize that something wrong if your system is set to use other language than English, because the popup is not adjustable to be translated, of course. At the same time, users very rarely make any effort to analyze whether such like this alert is not tricking them and, unfortunately, thousands of users, according to the very conservative estimate, have paid for installation of recommended protection, malware of MS AntiSpyware 2009. For those who belong to that number there is bad information. They need to remove MS AntiSpyware 2009 as this malware includes trojans and dll files hardly compatible by their nature with Windows. What is worse, MS AntiSpyware 2009 soon claims for updates and start bothering users again unless the removal of MS AntiSpyware 2009 is performed.
“Warning. There are serious threats detected on your computer” popup is to be removed properly, i.e. not just blocked, since the trojan responsible for its appearance may be blocked in this “popping-up activity” but it thus would attempt to download trialware of MS AntiSpyware 2009 through other methods, e.g. connecting itself to remote server and downloading the malware trial from there. Start identifying scams for free right (using Spyware Doctor + antivirus) now and get rid of “Warning. There are serious threats detected on your computer” popup, as well as eliminate any other treat, following the link below.

“Warning. There are serious threats detected on your computer” popup screenshot:

“Warning. There are serious threats detected on your computer” automatical remover:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get rid of threat for correct and safe browsing

This is the problem for your browser to open many websites when hijacker has “repaired” it to open “scan-page” This website represents Antivirus 360 malware and prompts users to download payable version of fake virus removal tool. Repair your browser back to make it open any website you would desire and stop the Antivirus 360 aggression at the very beginning by hijacker of removal. Click the link below to download Spyware Doctor with antivirus and remove hijacker for free browsing and avoidance of malware invasion. screenshots: automatical remover:

MS Antispyware 2009 removal as prevention of financial machination and malicious rootkits creation

MS Antispyware 2009 or MSAntispyware 2009 is a professional program for robbing credulous users. NEVER PAY FOR ITS REGISTRATION and remove MS Antispyware 2009 trialware as it is unlikely that anyone would enjoy repeating alerts and “free scan” generously granted to your after MS Antispyware 2009 trialware installation (usually with Vundo.trojan). Paying for this program is a risky action as financial data may be intercepted by hackers and then sold to the carders. Get rid of MS Antispyware 2009, the sooner the better, because trojans may create rootkits which cannot be removed unless system is reinstalled or even disk format may be required for total cleanup. Click the link below to download MS Antispyware 2009 removal tool (Spyware Doctor with antivirus) that will detect and remove trojans, viruses and, of course, MS Antispyware 2009 and other malware.

MS Antispyware 2009 web-site screenshot:

MS Antispyware 2009 automatical remover:
MS Antispyware 2009 manual removal guide:
Delete MS Antispyware 2009 files:
MS Antispyware 2009.lnk
Delete MS Antispyware 2009 registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MSAntispyware 2009
Run “MSAntispyware2009″