Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remove Browser Hijacker is a website to which many Internet misleading links and ad banners lead. Surfing the web user may be easily trapped and brought to this website.
Do not trust statements that your PC is infected and solution needed to remove the infections. However, your can be infected, but do you need another infection? That is, delivers malware. If you have made an installation from this website, you are for sure infected and need to remove spyware. In addition, there is a hijacker that forces your browser to download This hijacker is a trojan. It is strongly advised to remove trojan and software as appropriate or else your computer system will be oppressed by malware. Click here to start the removal of infections. screenshot: removal tool:

Removal of Contraviro Malware

Remove Contraviro, because this is a program advertised by trojans in extremely annoying manner. Remove Contraviro related trojans at once. Contraviro is installed either manually by user from one of its websites or secretly with trojan of Vundo type. Probably, all ways of Contraviro infiltration into targeted machine are not known to us yet and there are likely to be other tricky ways of Contraviro shadowed installation. Contraviro pretends to scan computer for viruses and malware. In reality, though, it finds only files installed in one pack with its trialware or by related trojans. These files are neither hazardous nor useful. Scan by Contraviro, like any sort of rogue antispyware ads, ends with request to pay the registration fee.
Contraviro presence may also be revealed by fake security alerts stating that your computer is infected with SpamBot and similar scaring info.
Instead of buying malware, click here to scan computer for free and get rid of Contraviro scam.

Contraviro screenshots:

Contraviro removal tool (Spyware Doctor):

Contraviro manual removal instructions:
Delete Contraviro files:
How to Register Contraviro.lnk
Register Contraviro.lnk

Delete Contraviro registry entries:
Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{CCB5551D-8594-4999-85F9-1E3EABCB95AC}
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\
Winlogon "Shell"
Internet Settings\User Agent\Post Platform "Contraviro"
Run "Contraviro"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Virus Remover Professional (Virus Remover Pro) Removal Instructions

Virus Remover Professional (Virus Remover Pro) is available for download at its website. The most popular way of this rogue infiltration into the computer system is to mislead user into installing Virus Remover Professional trialware from the above website. There are trojans of extremely small size which quite easily infect a number of computers connected to the Internet. These trojans are installed to hijack web-browser and to generate fake security alerts. The hijacked web-browser and fake alerts are connected to the home-page of Virus Remover Professional. The design of hackers is that users are redirected to the above web-page, download and install trialware which then bother and frighten them into buying Virus Remover Professional rogue antispyware.
Remove Virus Remover Professional trojans to return your browser in your exclusive disposal and avoid trialware installation. Get rid of Virus Remover Professional trialware to stop its annoying eds. Click here to start free scan and perform Virus Remover Professional removal.

Virus Remover Professional screenshots:

Virus Remover Professional removal tool:

Virus Remover Professional manual removal guide:
Delete Virus Remover Professional files:
Order Full Version NOW!.lnk
Virus Remover Professional.lnk
Visit Virus Remover Professional Homepage.lnk
LastSun Ltd
Virus Remover Professional.lnk
Virus Remover Pro..lnk

Delete Virus Remover Professional registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LastSun Ltd.
Uninstall\Virus Remover Professional_is1
Run “Virus Remover Profesional”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 is a key-element of rogue antispyware promotion delivers rogue antispyware and is sponsored buy trojan of extremely small size that hijacks web-browser. The website states your computer is infected with viruses and lures you into buying bogus solution that slows computer down and produces noisy alerts instead of curing the computer.Remove hijacker to free your browser and browse Internet without watching annoying ads. Click here to run free scan and perform the removal of hijacker, as well as of related rogue antispyware, if applicable. screenshot: remover:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Malware Destructor 2009 removal explanation

Malware Destructor 2009 (MalwareDestructor 2009) misrepresents the security state of a computer system bombarding user with misleading security alerts and imaginary virus names listed among the results of fictitious scan. A swindle with Malware Destructor 2009 normally starts with popups appearing when user is surfing the web. These popups either redirect user to fake online scanner or contain the recommendation that user shall download Malware Destructor 2009 as the computer system concerned is probably infected. Malware Destructor 2009 is not a single and original malware but almost a clone of older releases, WinDefender and Virus Doctor. Do not trust its online ads and never download and install it. If you were unfortunate to install the malware, remove Malware Destructor 2009 to stop the endless flood of its misleading alerts. Click here for free scan and to get rid of Malware Destructor 2009 using Spyware Doctor with antivirus.

Malware Destructor 2009 screenshots:

Malware Destructor 2009 removal tool:

Malware Destructor 2009 manual removal guide:
Delete Malware Destructor 2009 files:
Malware Destructor 2009.lnk
Uninstall Malware Destructor 2009.lnk

Delete Malware Destructor 2009 registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Malware Destructor 2009
Uninstall\Malware Destructor 2009
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Malware Destructor 2009"

“Protection System Security Alert” explanation and removal

“Protection System Security Alert” is a part of advertisements used by hackers promoting Protection System fake antivirus. This alert states that remote computer is attacking your computer. Further on, the alert asks user if he or she wants Internet access to be blocked to prevent system infection.“Protection System Security Alert” contains block and allow buttons. However, no matter what button you click on you may be led via web-browser to the purchase form of System Security. Remove Protection System Security Alert in a due way. Avoid using popup blockers as they will not disable and remove Protection System malware. You need to get rid of Protection System malware completely or else it will keep on disordering your computer system and may delete important data.
Click here and start free scan to get rid of “Protection System Security Alert” using complex software rooting the computer infections out.

Protection System Security Alert screenshot:

Protection System Security Alert removal tool:

Monday, June 15, 2009 Hijacker Removal Instructions is a typical Personal Antivirus homepage hijacker. It use scare tactic to force users onto downloading and buying rogue software. We strongly recommend to remove hijacker using Spyware Doctor with antivirus. screenshot: hijacker remover:

Friday, June 12, 2009 as a head-quarter of rogue security tools is a point from which rogue antispware starts to attack. Anonymous reporters stated this website was infected, but closer inspection has not revealed any suspicious codes directly in the scripts of However, there has been exposed browser hijacker sponsoring and similar websites advertising fake computer security tools, adult websites and online gambling. If you were a visitor to, check your computer for malware and viruses in order to reveal and remove hijacker if applicable or else make sure your computer is free of malware and viruses. In addition, if you were unlucky to somewhat trusted in misleading ads of and downloaded commercial the rogue computer security tool advertised, you still need to get rid of’s rogue software. Click here to launch free scan and perform the removal of infections as appropriate (using Spyware Doctor with antivirus). screenshot: hijacker remover:

Tiger Protector Plus removal

Tiger Protector Plus is now listed among the entries of reliable malware scanners as its relationship with notorious malware of WinPCDefender, WinPCAntivirus has been clearly established. Further tests on Tiger Protector Plus have proved its behavior consists of annoying and misleading activities only. The initial look was already enough to establish the lack of simplest scanner among its constituents. Hence Tiger Protector Plus belongs to the category of rogue antispyware that even do not include a scanner despite the promises given to find infections on the computer concerned. Instead of scan, a sort of movie is played in which viruses derived from the hackers’ dreams are listed. Remove Tiger Protector Plus to free system resource utilized by the fraudware to dupe you. Click here to get rid of Tiger Protector Plus using Spyware Doctor with antivirus.

Tiger Protector Plus screenshot:

Tiger Protector Plus removal tool:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trojan.win32.agent: removal tips

Trojan.win32.agent.azsy is extremely small size program code designed to promote Personal Antivirus rogue antispyware. The small size allows Trojan.win32.agent.azsy to slip into targeted computer system unnoticed without great effort. Despite the size of less than 1 Mb Trojan.win32.agent.azsy can produce alerts and pretend to scan computer system showing corresponding movie posed as a scan reflection. It interferes with web-browser and its activities may result in rogue antispyware invasion and slow computer problem unless you get rid of Trojan.win32.agent.azsy in a good time. Click here to launch free scan and remove Trojan.win32.agent.azsy.

Trojan.win32.agent Removal Tool (Spyware Doctor + Antivirus):

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Removal of associated rogues is a website changed at the regular basis to promote different fake computer security tools (like Personal Antivirus). However, hackers somehow managed to strike it off the Google list of dangerous websites. Avoid visiting or else it may drop infections into your computer or mislead you into installing rogue antispyware. Click here to start free scan in order to make sure there are no rogue programs at your computer or to remove related infections. screenshot: removal tool:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Removal of associated adware (hijacker and variable rogue antispyware)

Like many similar websites, is popularized by the hijacker. The hijacker comes as a trojan or installed via malicious scripts of cracked websites. is a part of rogue antispyware ads aimed to make users buy certain fake antispyware (Personal Antivirus). Remove hijacker and corresponding rogue antipyware. We do not name the application advertised at, because its name varies to prevent the exposure. However, the website name is constant and you are invited clicking here to start free scan and get rid of associated rogues using Spyware Doctor with antivirus. screenshot: removal tool:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Removal of WinBlueSoft brings your software back to life

WinBlueSoft main peculiarity is blocker.dll file which performs quite complex operations to get control over the software installed on the computer system infected. That is, WinBlueSoft allows you to use only the software it allows to run like Internet explorer.
Your're in danger!
Your computer is infected with Spyware!
All you do with computers is stored forever in your hard disk. When you visit sites, send emails... All your actions are logged. And it is impossible to remove them with standard tools. Your data is still available for forensics. “
The above is alert users can see while most programs they run are blocked. A number of similar alerts are accompanied with fake scan with listing of fake virus names and indicating imaginary path. Unblock your legit software and remove WinBlueSoft, i.e to get you software back you must get rid of WinBlueSoft. Click here to start free scan in order to expose infections devastating your computer system and perform WinBlueSoft removal (using Spyware Doctor with antivirus).

WinBlueSoft screenshot:

WinBlueSoft removal tool:

WinBlueSoft manual removal guide:
Delete WinBlueSoft files:

2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Delete WinBlueSoft registry entries:
Run “WinBlueSoft”

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

XP Deluxe Protector can damage your PC

XP Deluxe Protector is more than just another fake antispyware. The very first observations on XP Deluxe Protector exposed its sub-programs responsible for unauthorized System Registry management. Further research showed that XP Deluxe Protector removed System Registry entries encoding popular reliable software, first of all, and legit security tools. However, if the security software installed had a timely-updated and robust virus shield, it would inform users about dangerous components of XP Deluxe Protector or abort its hidden downloading and installation. Thus, XP Deluxe Protector may also be classified as a program-intruder that aims at taking control over host system. Presence of XP Deluxe Protector is easily detectable as it performs a process entitled XP Deluxe Protector scan each time user logs into Windows. However, the process is not an actual scan but in advance prepared show with predefined heaps of imaginary viruses listed regardless of real infection status of your computer. Remove XP Deluxe Protector and ignore the information hackers want to frighten you with into paying the registration fee. In order to get rid of XP Deluxe Protector including all the malware that could be bundled with it, click here and start automated XP Deluxe Protector removal (using Spyware Doctor with antivirus).

XP Deluxe Protector screenshot:

XP Deluxe Protector removal tool:

Presto TuneUp is to be removed as another fake system optimization tool

Presto TuneUp represents a category of fake system optimization tools. Very few software as compared to fake virus and spyware removers enter this category. However, many users ask how to remove Presto TuneUp so that Presto TuneUp is quite (un)popular to be briefly described. Presto TuneUp is often installed as trojan being disguised as codec or another utility. Once installed, the rogue shows user interactive window with rich menu. Naturally, any part of this menu does not represent working useful function. Removal of Presto TuneUp is problematic, because:
- the program is either missed in the register of programs installed,
- if present, its removal through that list does not actually remove Presto TuneUp.
Click here to start free scan and get rid of Presto TuneUp using reliable proved solution for fake programs removal. Presto TuneUp removal will root malware out once and for all.

Presto TuneUp screenshot:

Presto TuneUp removal tool:

Presto TuneUp manual removal guide: Delete Presto TuneUp files:
Presto TuneUp.lnk
Presto TuneUp.lnk
Presto TuneUp.lnk

Delete Presto TuneUp registry entries:
Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform "URPRTUP[]"
Run "Presto TuneUp"