Friday, April 13, 2012

Remove Windows Antivirus 2012 counterfeited scanner whether it is still outseid or already inside your PC

Windows Antivirus 2012 fake online scanner pretends to detect some suspicious events occurring on your PC as you bump into certain sites while surfing the web. If such sudden encounters develop into systematic routine, the website betrays a single infection on your PC. It is classified as a browser hijacker, and its payload is to continuously remind you of the need to get a security tool named as specified above installed onto your PC.
The pretended inspector of your PC generates fake Windows Security Alert and web-pages that impersonates My Computer folder as reflected by Windows Explorer.
The ultimate goal of the scam is to scare people into allowing annoying counterfeit into computer systems. However, even without permitting so, a user of the web-based phony scanner is most likely to get a hijacker dropped into the computer system, thus requires assistance in the removal of Windows Antivirus 2012 malware.
Get rid of Windows Antivirus 2012 threat regardless of the stage of the malware development, as well as exterminate other parasites following the free scan link.

Windows Antivirus 2012 screenshots:

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