Friday, April 13, 2012

Get rid of Win32/Cbeplay.P to get your PC out of the reach for remote host controlled by hackers

Win32/Cbeplay.P listens to the server controlled by hackers. The hackers thus remotely instruct their agent on compromised computers.
By default, the rogue has the payload that requires it to collect info on the PC hosting its copy , as well as detect and disable security devices on the computer system, thus making it helpless towards further introduction of cyber parasites.
The rogue is usually mass-mailed as a zip attachment or as a link sending the addressee to malicious website with malicious script to secretly drop the infection.
In the wild, the messages sent as a a spam with the infection in question may pretend to be from “DHL MANAGER 692”, “ MC MANAGER 57” etc so that users do not suspect a trick.
Removal of Win32/Cbeplay.P will prevent your PC from being included into botnet, needless to say of your confidentiality and personal cyber security. Clicking here will load free scanner that automatically enhance your computer protection and remove Win32/Cbeplay.P.

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