Thursday, April 5, 2012

Removal of Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen, recent modification of infamous ZeroAccess or Max++ rootkit

Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen is a modification of notorious ZeroAccess rootkit, otherwise known as max++ rootkit.
The infection tolerates security tools as long as these remain idle. However, once they try scanning locations on the PC monitored by the rogue, it launches its processes aimed to delete the scanning application. Remarkably, but not surprisingly for experts, many harmless for viruses applications fall victims of such tactics as their referring to certain files the excessively suspicious malware treats as an attempt to detect and remove Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen installation.
The rogue is mainly uses to protect other infections, which are the carriers of some commercial payload e.g. credit card data stealing for further use in hacked transactions.
Click the free scan link to get rid of Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen along with any infections it guards. The recommended extermination method is unsusceptible to the rootkit self-protective attacks.

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