Saturday, April 14, 2012

Remove Smart PC Cleaner as another master of misleading popups reflecting on computer contamination

Smart PC Cleaner is a total ignorant in cleaning computer systems, as far as computer errors and viruses are concerned. Moreover, the definition is still rather an exaggeration as the program does not target real computer problems being but a master of misleading popups.
It is a rootkit based malware. That means its installation is safeguarded by creating special volume that can be scanned only by advanced technology for virus recognition. Exception happens as the rogue is also advertised on misleading websites, in their turn linked to redirects that catch users and send them to the unexpected page that pretends to be online scanners. The page does not linger to produce a long list of issues to be fixes with the tool under review.
Even if one of such websites has persuaded you into manually infecting your PC, removal of Smart PC Cleaner adware is still strongly recommended. Click here to get rid of Smart PC Cleaner taking into account peculiarities of its installations performed by rootkit and manually by visitors of misleading pages dedicated to the malware.


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Brandon said...

Thank you so much, you’ve saved me a whole lot of trouble. Very easily explained and it’s totally gone from my computer as well as tons of other stuff my former anti-virus program couldn’t catch.

How same Virus will infect my system & what will i do when this happen??