Sunday, April 29, 2012

Get rid of Trojan horse PSW.Agent.AUET abandoning not a single instance if the malware

Trojan horse PSW.Agent.AUET jumps into computer system under the guise of some freeware. Free content attracts, so that a good many people infect their computer systems with the rogue with their own hands.
The infection is typically loaded into multiple locations. It might be encrypted so that, even where uncoded copies are detected, the cryptic counterpart remain unnoticed.
As regards the infection payload, it varies from case to case. Hackers issue instructions
for the malware on how to behave upon ensuring the copy is properly integrated onto target PC. The payload may include broiwser hijacking, spying activities, mass-mailing etc.
Removal of Trojan horse PSW.Agent.AUET needs to cover every copy of the threat. Otherwise, remaining specimens might cause damage to computer system.
Click the free scan link so that the security tool could remove Trojan horse PSW.Agent.AUET and other threats omitting not a single threat on your PC.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the SZSetupAV is able to remove the trojan... However, how to start it in case the Agent blocked me IE and CD drive? It seems the only solution is to put/start the SZSetupAV in/from a BOOT CD... Where is it possible to find such kind CD?