Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remove Troj zaccess CQJ and the threats stored in encrypted files system under its control.

Troj zaccess CQJ creates a kernel mode item _max++. In this item, which is a kernel device object, there is a part of the object’s code called ZeroAccess. Evidently, the detection name is based on the name of above sting.
Alternate data streams are used to store the malware’s code. Those streams are protected from scan, unless appropriate technology is in use, because the rogue monitors activities on the computer system. If it detects an attempt to access the streams containing the rootkit, it spawns processes aimed at locating and restricting the program that tries to get the access.
Removal of Troj zaccess CQJ deals with various payloads. Basically, the rogue creates its own encrypted file system, into which the hackers are free to introduce any sort of threats.
Get rid of Troj zaccess CQJ taking into account peculiarities of this edition of notorious _Max++ rootkit, as well as covering malware introduced thanks to its effort – free-scan your PC with the tool available here.

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