Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remove Win32.Nimnul.a covering every removable drive and related parasite

Win32.Nimnul.a is a dangerous application attached to harmless files on target PC. The modified by adding the infection files become mediums and are used by remote hackers to access the compromised computer.
Originally, the malicious code is a Windows application of fixed size. It has .exe extension. It is packed in order to aggravate removal of win32.Nimnul.a. The packer is unknown. To develop the program, C++ language was applied.
The infection displays strong traits of a worm as it creates copies of itself on every removable drive available from the infected working station. The copy is typically stored to Recycler folder, whereas the ability of malware to self-start is ensured by creating relevant Autorun.inf file.
The rogue attacks browser installed on the computer system and used by default. It performs forced launching of it, and instructs it by modifying address space to contact fget-ca***, a server used by hackers to communicate with copies of the worm.
To get rid of win32.Nimnul.a and undo the malicious changes it has already done, click here to run free scan. The free scanner is also eligible for the purposes of removal of Trojan-Dropper.VBS.Agent.bp and other infections that may be created due to the malicious activities of win32.Nimnul.a.

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