Sunday, April 15, 2012

Removal of Bundespolizei, National Cyber Crimes Unit fake alert dressed up as official message that tricks us into paying 100 Euro for child porn watching that we have never done

“Achtung!!! Das Betriebssystem wurde im Zusammenhang mit Verstoßen gegen die Gesetze der Bundesrepublik Deutschland gesperrt!” is a message that trojan generates, setting for its title the following name: Bundespolizei, National Cyber Crimes Unit.
The message is a common tactic by worldwide trojan to scare users in paying the amount of 100 Euro. The amount would be specified in GBP and in USD for affected computer located in the corresponding jurisdiction as identified by the installing trojan that serves the ransomware intervention.
However, mistakes in IP recognition occurs in profusion, as well as grammar and spelling mistakes in the text of popups e.g. the text is German specific version contains misspelling in the word festgestelltt (the italic t is irrelevant). The German alert may annoy nationalities other than German and German speaking.
Get rid of National Cyber Crimes Unit Bundespolizei or any similar alert as it is a scam set up by hackers, not any real crime warning. Click here to launch free scanner and remove National Cyber Crimes Unit Bundespolizei ransomware, as well as other infections as recognized by the suggested inspection tool.

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