Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remove Optimizer Pro malware that plays tricks rather than helps making your PC a better tool

Optimizer Pro (full name: PC Optimizer Pro) is a reason for many users to be unsatisfied with their computer functionality. In particular, they are reportedly growing irritated due to the excessive number of popups by the program that claims to help boosting up computer system by improving various aspects of its performance.
In fact, it is true that it rather harms than helps. So far, however, the most severe classification applied to the application characterized it as a potentially unwanted program. That is why so little importance was attached to the issue of Optimizer Pro removal, which s evidently produced a flow of requests by victims seeking the way to complete the unwanted tool extermination.
Free scanner available here is a timely solution to remove Optimizer Pro malware as a program that evidently violates the fair installation rules and runs in a way that draws user’s attention to the issues of little importance when they are least wanted to be heard of. 

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