Saturday, April 21, 2012

Get rid of West Yorkshire Police virus as a counterpart for notorious Metropolitan and Scotland Yard Police ransomware

West Yorkshire Police virus, otherwise known as West Yorkshire ransomware, is spread mainly across the territory of the UK as IPs resident to the Great Britain make a priority target for the ransomware. From time to time, however, cases of the infection are observed elsewhere, especially in the EU and USA.
Remove Yorkshire Police virus as the infection that makes misleading claims that you are owing to the UK Government £100 for violating the law. It is found the rogue is e a counterpart of fake Metropolitan and Scotland Yard Police virus.
The infection is very aggressive. It tends to prevent user from accessing the desktop by loading its popup with scary accusations and coat of arms of the force of the UK.
Needless to say, the crooks masterminding the scam are to be prosecuted in the UK and by International Police. In the meantime, it is only user of the compromised machine who can ensure the removal of Yorkshire Police virus as even the police is not entitled to modify your PC without your agreement.
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West Yorkshire UKASH virus VARIANT snapshot:

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