Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remove Win32/Sirefef.R covering both parts of the malware

Win32/Sirefef.R belongs to the most sophisticated family of threats which members conceal its components keeping them in a special volume that cannot be accessed immediately from the operating system. Special approach is required to get rid of Win32/Sirefef.R.
The malware consists of two parts. The first is responsible for introduction of the second, while the hackers expect us, potential or actual victims of their malware, to infect our machines manually. They entice users to load the parasite hiding the malware under the guise of attractive content such as codec, cracks for bypassing software licensing etc.
As the loaded program is executed, it, instead of, or along with, fulfilling its declared task, performs introduction of the main component.
The main component is in charge of performing actions that correspond to main payload of the trojan. Removal of Win32/Sirefef.R is to embrace both the loader and executer of eventual payload.
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