Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remove Win32:Atraps-pf and do not grow annoyed with its repeated detection reports

Win32:Atraps-pf occurs in a number of locations on computer system. The infection consists of several components.
One group of its components is in charge of its launching upon system loading and security of processes it runs. The second group maintains the link between copies of the threat. The third group is a decoding agent that activate dormant copies of the parasite. Eventually, last but not least group of components execute redirects to websites that hackers are interested in and helps loading and installing more complicated programs that have various tasks to fulfill.
Removal of Win32:Atraps-pf has raised concern of users. Reports on the infection burdened them of as the alerts on the threat sent to the vault repeated at average frequency of one notification in several minutes, because the reporting facility was enable to recognize all the copies of malware at once, namely the packed instances remained unnoticed.
Get rid of Win32:Atraps-pf and other threats as detected by free scanner available here. The method ensures disclose and extermination of every copy of the malware, even if packed used obfuscated technology. 

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