Thursday, July 12, 2012

Remove Trojan.Patchep!sys – treat useful programs affected by the parasite instead of deleting

Trojan.Patchep!sys consists of a file with exe extension, which name is usually created as a random combination of 8 digits. The file inserts its code into all processes running on the computer system and attempts to infect all the
Applications recently launched.
Removal of Trojan.Patchep!sys consists of two stages. First of all, malicious file stored in system directory is due to extermination.
It is not recommended to run security solutions that simply kill the applications affected by the malware. The second stage is to be made as a disinfection of programs compromised by the trojan.
To get rid of Trojan.Patchep!sys and repair programs infected with its malicious codes, follow this free scan link.


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