Monday, July 16, 2012

Remove Win32:Downloader-PKU (trj) and prevent its repeated restoring

Win32:Downloader-PKU affects Windows platform. The infection is adjusted to use vulnerabilities mainly in 32-bit computers.
It is instructed to set up a surreptitious connection to the web-server controlled by hackers. It is another website than that used for dropping the trojan. Once the connection is established, the rogue notifies remote attacker on its infiltration details. The main benefit of the info received is that the hackers from that time and on are able to check computer system for presence of the rogue. Where the check provides negative result i.e. the malicious item is found missing due to Win32:Downloader-PKU removal campaign or any other reason, the rogue is restored by dropping its counterpart from the monitoring hacker’s server.
Many users are desperate to get rid of Win32:Downloader-PKU(troj) as their current security tools merely delete the trojan without disrupting website connection to their machine.
In that connection, there is a case discussed in the worldwide web that considers the infection. A victim said he ceased his regular Internet usage for any time his PC attempted to open websites the antivirus flagged the malware and drawn user’s attention to the never-ending problem. That is, as user enables Internet connection and the fact of the trojan missing is established by the remote rascals, the infection is reloaded, so the cycle loops.
Successful extermination of the malware is its eventual elimination. It is available right here upon loading and installing free scanner.


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