Thursday, July 26, 2012

Remove I.P.A. (International Police Association) that speaks on the tongues to cheat users of different countries

I.P.A. (International Police Association) virus (blocker, ransomware) is a next stage in development of infamous winlock known as UKASH virus. Previously, the infection spoke in the name of police office that corresponded to the location of IP of detected machine. For example, a German user facing the malware had to deal with Bundespolizei alerts, French citizens were approached by popups titled Gendarmerie nationale etc.
This time, there is a uniformity in denomination, only the language is customized to the country of location. The message duplicates in several languages. Basic accusation “Your computer has been locked. Your computer has been locked by the system of automatic control of information” is translated into
 German: “Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt. Ihr Computer wurde durch das System der automatischen Informationskontrolle gesperrt”;
 French: “Votre ordinateur est bloqué. Votre ordinateur a été bloqué par le système de contrôle automatique informationnel”.
Removal of International Police Association ransomware does not require special method subject to the language it speaks.
Start free scan available here in order to get rid of International Police Association popup by cleaning related blocker and popup generator.

International Police Association blocker screenshots:

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