Friday, July 20, 2012

Remove An Garda Siochana, Ireland’s National Police Service trojan that terrorizes fair citizens with false accusations and preposterous financial demands

An Garda Siochana Ireland’s National Police Service VIRUS is a local variant of worldwide infamous Ukash ransomware. This time the name of another European security office is misused as it is engaged into hackers’ affair.
Please note Ukash itself is a harmless payment system. Its fair name has been appropriated to the malware as it is the number one payment system suggested in the misleading popups concocted by hackers. Be it a notification faking German, Italian, Spanish etc. official security office notification, the payment options remain practically unchanged – at least, Ukash is always on top.
Remove An Garda Siochana Ireland’s National Police Service ransomware to unlock your desktop and other essential features of your PC.
The Irish variant of ransomware claims the user is due to pay £ 100 in order to unlock the PC locked due to the following reasons: viewing banned websites, websites containing child pornography, storing/viewing pirated content.
Get rid of An Garda Siochana Ireland’s National Police Service system lock and other dangerous residents of your PC applying free scanner available here.


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