Monday, July 9, 2012

Remove 0_0u_l.exe as a core components of fake FBI popup generator, variant of Zeus trojan

0_0u_l.exe is a variant of denomination for executable underlying infamous FBI ransomware. The infection generates a warning titled Federal Bureau of Investigation issued to notify users of crimes associated with the their PCs.
The malware actually freezes computer system so that users can hardly do any action unless 0_0u_l.exe removal is performed along with other constituents of the trojan or the demanded fee is transferred. Besides, it tries to hijack a webcam and show through it image of the person reading the scary popup. That might actually make people worrying.
The second option for eliminating the popup is not a good way to resolving the issue. Apart from providing further incentives to the web crooks for inventing and introducing new scams, it does not eradicate the hostile program so that it can get restored or introduce other malwares in future.
The rogue is known as a variant of Zeus trojan, otherwise referred to as Reveton and Citadel malware. Get rid of 0_0u_l.exe and ensure deletion of other files associated with the above ransomware and other threats – click here to trigger free scan. 


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