Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Remove Trojan.Weelsof.C whether it makes false allegations against you or plays other tricks

Trojan.Weelsof.C usually refers to a winlock distributed by hackers through pages of some websites, which are either created specifically to spread the malware in question or are infected by the black hats.
Removal of Trojan.Weelsof.C typically targets ransomware known as UKASH virus. UKASH is a system for online transactions, which the rascals suggest victims to use for transferring the fee demanded. The fee is requested in the name of police office that corresponds to location of IP of affected machine. The accusation charges user with storing, spreading, viewing pirated content, malware, porn etc.
Get rid of Trojan.Weelsof.C, even if its payload is different from the above – use free scanner available here for the purpose of your PC cleanup. 

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