Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Removal of DNS Changer Malware to cancel FBI DoomsDay for your Internet connection

DNS Changer Malware (FBI DoomsDay) is a computer infection. The event in brackets is to come as the Federal Bureau of Investigation turns the switch on and disable servers the trojan refers to.
The background is as follows. In 2011, FBI and Estonian security bodies have detained an alleged creator of the DNS botnet, Mr. Ivanov. His botnets were associated with above infection.
The infection changed browser settings on affected machines so that websites of interest to hacker were loaded without user’s agreement. Along with arresting the supposed organizer of the affair, FBI expropriated DNS servers.
However, the security officials lingered switching the servers off, hence users could still browse the web from infected machines in spite of suffering of, or maybe merely ignoring, the redirects. In the meantime, FBI applied effort to notify persons running compromised computers of the malware on their PCs as elimination of the hacker’s web-servers associated with the trojan would basically deprive such users of access to the Internet.
Now it is critical to get rid of DNS Changer Malware before the Dooms Day is appointed by FBI and the switch is on. After all, even before it watching annoying ads is a burden.
While FBI is lingering, seize the opportunity and activate the free scan link to remove DNS Changer Malware while you still have Internet connection. 


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