Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Remove W32/Patched.UA as a malicious modification of services.exe

W32/Patched.UA creates malicious instance of services.exe in Windows directory. In spite if detecting the malware, common security solutions fail to complete W32/Patched.UA removal under the pretext the rogue resides in white-listed area. This area contains by definition objects of crucial value for Windows. Indeed, incorrect cleanup in that part of computer memory might lead to errors and even collapse of computer system to be treated.
In the wild, the rogue has been found to cause sudden system reboots associated with processes spawned by malicious services.exe.
In order to get rid W32/Patched.UA of and clean directories containing system files without the risk of casual extermination of actually useful items, use advanced free scan method powered by free scanner available here.


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