Monday, July 9, 2012

Get rid of Citadel ransomware – extermination of recent variant of Zeus trojan

Citadel ransomware has drawn attention of the US officials. United States Internet Crime Compliant Center says the recent variant of Zeus trojan known as Reveton comes onto computer system as a browser hijacker to feature a website with drive-by download functionality. Visiting the website results into installation of a system lock virus.
The virus, once installed, generates a popup stretching through entire monitor and preventing user from reaching any items on the PC. The popup contains a message that says this is done in response to watching porn sites of forbidden type (child porn etc.). A forfeit is demanded by the virus allegedly in the name of U.S. Department of Justice.
Removal of Citadel ransomware is required to unlock your PC and delete the ransomware. It is important to delete the infection entirely while some security solutions clean only the core elements of the threat.
Free scanner available here is going to remove Citadel ransomware to prevent various after-effects of incomplete extermination. 


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