Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remove redirect headache is a new redirection headache for users. There is no – and probably cannot be – precise statistics on number of machines infected. The only veracious source for such statistics would be the hackers who spread the infection, but even they might get mistaken when such methods as spamming are used – for not every recipient of spam would eventually download the malware circulated as attachment in mass-mailed tricky message.
Naturally the website itself is not an infection. It might contain a malicious code – but has not been found to contain any. It is not the website that is to be deleted: removal of redirect virus is to be understood as eradication of program residing at your PC. It is this program that makes people wonder why the page keeps annoying them with its sudden or merely unwanted appearance.
Click here to get rid of MalwareCatcher aforementioned problem bearing in mind the redirecting agent under review. The extermination of the infection would be a free scan based system purification that covers both the redirecting malware and the remaining malicious parasites in the memory of your PC. screenshot:

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