Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Startup System Repair Virus removal as extermination of a severe threat

Startup System Repair Virus (Trojan) or Windows startup repair virus, also could be categorized as a trojan, is most likely to be introduced as a hard to find item in the long list of programs and data downloaded by user. Alternatively, the downloading description may contain no mention of the trojan at all.
The trojan creates strings of popups, thanks to which it is known under the aforementioned name. That is, those popups keep telling something that sound threatening and concerns startup error and system validity verification. Surprisingly enough, so far there is no case known to us when a user viewing the popups which are obviously scammed, has been offered a common for such malwares solution, namely to pay a ransom or penalty or some odd license to get rid of Startup System Repair Virus. The virus is therefore considered to be not commercialized yet. Perhaps it is because of the same reason that has caused the still lasting recession of fake antispyware market, namely denial of financial services by relevant providers for such purposes as paying fees to hackers.
The above restrictions applied to the web-rascaldom do not make life much easier for the infection victims as the trojan is indeed a severe threat. It causes waves of repeated reboots that badly affect computer system and may cause even physical damage to drives due to the gross violation of PC exploitation terms caused by the virus.
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