Friday, September 23, 2011

Remove hijacker as another CC redirect

hxxp:// proceeds with the affair founded on CC website has moved through several url addresses, and will definitely continue its migration. There is every reason to keep developing the scam as its core constituent probably not the fake website, but a rootkit through which visitors involuntary run into the tricky pages.
A CC page is a tricky search provider that jumps from url to url. Approximate estimation of functioning time for each url does not exceed 2 months, then hackers abandon too much notorious web-address to focus on fresh, not yet compromised in the view of wide public addresses.
The search results reported by such page mainly consist of addresses promoted by hackers. That does not imply the websites are malicious or tricky, but anyway their high rank in the returned results is not deserved due to relevance and other fair criteria.
Removal of is often requested in relation to Google redirect problems as quires to this search engine are hijacked by infection that promotes this particular case of CC infection.
Whatever is your reason to get rid of issue, here is your CC malware remover that offers free scan in order to delete the hijacker, as well as other detected threats regardless of their classification (rootkit, worm, fake etc.). screenshot and removal tool:

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