Friday, September 16, 2011

Removal of HpqpphUnl.exe as a true file of fake AV

HpqpphUnl.exe runs its process immediately on Windows launching. Some experts refer to the infection as to virus, but it has not been observed at blending its scripts with other programs. Since a virus in narrow sense is a program code that seeks to be added to host program code, this particular case reference means that broader meaning of a virus is implied. That is, a virus is any kind of program that causes any kind of damage.
Trojan:Win32/Fakeav is another possible detection name for the malicious executable. The name discloses two traits of the infection. First, it indicates its prevailing distribution method, namely downloading under the guise of content appreciated by user. “Fakeav” indicates the payload of the threat, which means the trojan cheats users being a fake antispyware’s installation file.
Remove HpqpphUnl.exe, no matter of its detection name. Get rid of HpqpphUnl.exe or any other trojan, fake antivirus etc. applying free scanner available here.

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