Monday, September 26, 2011

Remove W32/IRCbot.gen.d misleading archive

W32/IRCbot.gen.d is a malicious program that propagates by spamming as attachment which might be named “”. Once the spammed zip file is opened, the worm completes its installation. It is a fake zip file as no software is required to open it.
The spam spreading is performed by sending message with body typical for such kind of mass-circulation messages, for instance, user might receive one running “Check out my sexy boobs :D” or “mi fotograf”.
The worm is also known to create a file named Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Notification, the name is used to bewilder potential W32/IRCbot.gen.d remover.
Internet relay chat vulnerability are used by the worm to enable hackers remotely control compromised machine. Click here to run free scan in order to get rid of W32/IRCbot.gen.d spam worm, as well as other infections, including the content that could be delivered thanks to the efforts of the worm.

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