Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Get rid of TR/Zapchast.KT.trojan a fake spare part

TR/Zapchast.KT.trojan acts as a downloader infection. Its classification as a trojan is correct as a trojan needs to be predominantly distributed being posed as something which it is not. The trojan in question is true to this definition as it is typically downloaded as a repair for certain software of common knowledge. Perhaps, it was why part of its name evidently meant “a spare part”, if to translate it directly from Russian taking into account that Cyrillic letters of the word were transliterated into Latin.
There is no preset task assigned to the trojan. It is said to be a downloader, for downloading arbitrarily content is the most popular instruction it receives on listening to remote computer. The payload could therefore be set deliberately for every particular case. Naturally removal of TR/Zapchast.KT.trojan, just like that for any infection classified as a downloader, needs to include examination on other threats probably dropped by the trojan. Try our removal tool to kill TR/Zapchast.KT.trojan and make sure the malware it has dropped, if any, as well as other threats, are duly exterminated. 

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