Friday, September 16, 2011

Removal of Deceptive Web-Search Assistant is not actually a search engine. It is a malicious website supported by browser infection.
The infection is known only as a manual installation typically performed by users without proper examination of the content installed. In most of the cases, there is even no legal reason to blame the program as its features are specified by the supplier, though in a way to draw user’s attention away of the specification.
A Windows user might remove hijacker and thus restore the default search engine preferences via Add/Remove Programs menu. However, the user might as well fail to find relevant entry there. In such case, alternate method should be applied.
The problem is that the hijacker is not included into many security databases as their maintainers do not find it sufficiently deceptive or malicious. Click here to get rid of issue, as well as other viruses, using free scanner that applies the hijacker description to detect and delete it. snapshot:

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