Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remove Data Repair VIRUS (tips and tricks)

Data Repair virus can treat robust system files in such a way that  the allegedly improved objects  become irreparable.  
The above name belongs to malicious self-advertising software product, which is a mutation of SystemRepair and WindowsRepair, and represents a family of so called memory defragmenters.
These defragmenters pretend to be geeks in such fields of computer optimization as hard drives defragmentation,  system repair  optimization, Ram memory control, desktop and junk file cleanup. Relevant menu and scan windows are shown by these fraudulent helpers.
Programs of the family refer to the same errors and even point out the same state of expression of indicated threats. For instance, “RAM temperatures is 83 C”  is a notorious scary alert shared by all the family members.
However, Data Repair removal implies different set of actions to be carried out than that for any other fake defragmenters, for the thing the hackers do take care about is safety of their malicious products. This time they went as far as to equip the their malware with a facility that can block any executable. The explanation is provided at once as program states that the software has failed to be executed due to the hard drive corruption , and certainly offers its help to repair the damage.
Get rid of Data Repair counterfeits to prevent further pressure on you and on your computer system. To make sure the adware is deleted completely and safely, follow this link to apply multi-purpose computer protection solution.

Data Repair malware snapshot:

Manual removal guide:
Delete infected files:
%Programs%\\Data Repair\\Data Repair.lnk
%SPrograms%\\Data Repair\\Uninstall Data Repair.lnk
%Desktop%\\Data Repair.lnk
 Delete infected registry entries:
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run “[random]“

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