Monday, September 5, 2011

Fake alert by La policía ESPAÑOLA removal guide

La policía ESPAÑOLA would unlikely accuse you of illegal activities by means of message and suggest an indulgence available on paying 100 Euro via Ukash. It is still less likely that Spanish authorities would refer to violation of German law as the message that pretends to be issued by Spanish police does when says “Your operating system has been blocked due to a violation of German law!”.
The reference is doubtlessly made by mistake, but the mistake is another proof that the hackers that have set up the trickery previously organized Bundespolizei misleading warning which basically was the same design compared to the current trickery.
Remove La policía ESPAÑOLA message as it cheats while the trojan that generates it tries to keep entire Windows locked, or disables a range of its features. Click here to launch free examination of your computer system to detect various viruses and get rid of La policía ESPAÑOLA as one of the severest threats among the detections.

La policía ESPAÑOLA scamware snapshot:


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