Friday, September 30, 2011

Remove and redirectors to keep off the tricky page and are not an appropriate places to visit. Apart from the content the pages advertises and possible maliciousness of its scripts there is an unconditional indisputable argument for keeping off the page: it uses hijacker infection to generate incoming traffic. The websites, of course, is not a person to make such actions as engagement of the hijacker into its promotion. There is gang of hackers that want to benefit on forced visits to the pages. Whether their aim is just to resell the traffic to this page or to foist off any goods, such tactics deserves only one dignified response – removal of and incoming traffic generator, or browser hijacker.
The browser hijacker readily enslaves any browser at captured PC for the above purposes. We must pay tribute to hackers as they keep the infection up-to-date so that even updated and patched browsers eventually fall victims of its aggression and start listening to its redirect orders.
Get rid of and by free scanner ready to its latest dodges, including self-protective techniques. The free scanner download link is here. and screenshot:

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