Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remove to break another “hijacker-forced search engine” joint is a malicious substitution to genuine search facilities. It might easily block a good half of your frequently visited pages, too.
The site does not immediately affect your web-browsing. However, there are certain proofs of its engagement in the scam with browser hijacker. Its owner either contracted the hijacker developers and maintainers, or these are the same crooks (latter assumption sounds most trustworthy).
The joint of the above website and malicious applet resolves into search hijack, which means a user of compromised machine is deprived of proper access to trusted search portals such as Google, Bing etc. Removal of hijacker is the action prescribed in case of repeated opening of the same-name page at the cost of sudden closing of requested by user pages.
Click here to get rid of hijacker upon completing free scan in order to break another malicious joint.

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