Saturday, November 26, 2011

Remove Cloud AV 2012v121.exe, fakeware extermination help

Cloud AV 2012v121.exe is installed to run as one of the executables of recent fakeware. The filename resembles strongly the name of rogue application that it represents, Cloud AV 2012 rogue. The executable is often bundled with lvvm.exe and dwme.exe which is another essential part of the program that fakes antivirus.
The so called antivirus displays a set of windows that look like a menu of a regular antivirus. Options of the menu offer free scan, system status examination and other actions, which do not happen in the actuality, but a show is delivered with tricky purpose.
Removal of Cloud AV 2012v121.exe is actually an inevitable step to elimination of the annoying fake. To get rid of Cloud AV 2012v121.exe, as well as other components of the counterfeit, follow the free scan link.

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