Friday, November 25, 2011

Remove Cloud AV 2011, extermination of the fake from particular PC

Cloud AV 2011 (CloudAV 2012 clone with the same interface) features are multifarious, but it is hard to find any matching of its declared and actual characteristics. That is no surprise, because the program is a counterfeit, which will sooner or later become a matter of common knowledge.
It is a conveyer type fake antispyware. As soon as the belt of time brings it into the bright light of antivirus databases and discussion boards, new counterfeit made by renaming and ornamental modification of the current program is to be released into circulation channels, which are to become vacant after elimination of the too much (un) popular counterfeit.
Removal of Cloud AV 2011 from particular PC is a business for the PC owner though, for the conveyer rule works only in distribution networks. Furthermore, there are might be spots of residual propagation of the malware, which have been abounded by hackers, but are still in action.
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Cloud AV 2011 screenshot:

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